View Full Version : The Forward Point of Double Ends?

11-13-2010, 10:36 AM
So, I am knitting a stocking, and I have turned the heel. I am now making the Gusset for the ankle. My pattern says, "Now use a 4th working needle and knit the foot round and round as with a plain sock, and at the same time form the triangular gusset which widens the ankle, by decreasing 1 stitch at at the forward point of each underfoot needle ON EVERY ROW..."
So the part I don't understand is in bold. I understand which needles are the underfoot needles and everything, but is the forward point the stitch on either side of the instep needle (in the center) or at either end of each round. Or would it be something like the first stitch I come to on each underfoot needle? I am severely confused and I cannot continue to knit without this. :??
Thank you!!!!