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12-20-2010, 03:54 PM
Still viewing SERIES 400! Wow! Still learning, learning, learning new things!

1) Eunny Jang taught us how to make beautiful bobbles WITHOUT TURNING THE WORK 4 times! She showed us how to "knit backwards" from the front side facing, in place of turning the work to the WS to purl back!

You have to try this! It's Bobbles the Easy Way! My sample bobble (done the easy way!) looked better than my conventional bobble!

2) Also featured on this Show 410, Eunny teaches us HOW TO work a 6-stitch cable WITHOUT A CABLE NEEDLE! Both left-leaning and right-leaning cables!

You may already have mastered it, but not me! I'd heard raves about it...and fumbled around with it...but totally tanked.

Seeing Eunny do it, and explain it as she went...now I can see there is a step I was totally in the dark about! Funny how a simple step missed makes all the difference, isn't it?

Both of these LESSONS (above) are in Series 400, Show 410.

In Show 411, another designer showed us the easy way to make knitted/felted BANGLE BRACELETS! That was totally awesome. So simple! Such a great use of stash. Great gifts! And they don't look like something only a 70's hippie would wear!

Well, once again, my investment into the Knitting Daily DVD's has repaid me triple!

This is how we become better Knitters! Always learning, and not afraid to try a new technique!

Let me add, the cost of Series 400 is half the price of one simple class at an LYS!

Added later:
The Knitting Daily DVD sets are FOR SALE here at KH! Just click on the tab above
that says SHOP...then click on CD/DVD's. The Knitting Daily Series are in there.
Amy and Sheldon are offering them at a reduced price for now!