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12-26-2010, 06:05 PM
I will never knit a skirt. No, really.
But then, lots of people on my ravelry groups started making the Lanesplitter (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEff10/PATTlanesplitter.php). (on ravelry: lanesplitter (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lanesplitter))

Now I have started making one. And I am really happy with it.
You can make it any length and any width by just continuing... so it will fit everybody.

I know I sometimes overdo it... so my first lanesplitter I make of sock weight yarn... well, smart that is not. But anyways.

Has anyone else made a lanesplitter? How do yours look?

I am not done, but here are the pictures of my progress of right now:



The color choice is not so adventurous but I want to wear it at the office, too. So loud colors are not really wanted for this one.

12-27-2010, 01:57 PM
The Lanesplitter is so intriguing! So now it's on my radar, too! I looked at ALL the other 15 pages of Lanesplitters on Ravelry, and I like yours best of all! The use of a lighter weight yarn means double the number of stitching, but that hasn't slowed you down! Your knitted fabric is looking wonderful!

I think the pattern stitch is called elongated garter stitch. One garter ridge with 2 knit rows in between. Is that what you'd say, now that you're this far into it? (It appears very similar to the pattern stitch of the upper body of the Bettna cardigan: elongated garter st. And sounds the same, too, row by row.)

12-30-2010, 05:26 AM
Hi ArtLady!

Yes, that is what it is:

really easy. It looks complicated when you first read it, but it falls into place like nothing.

you start every Lanesplitter with 4 stitches. That is one corner. Then you keep increasing on both sides (kfb) until you have one side from the CO corner to the needle as long as you want your skirt (yes, an inch or two more would have been good for me. But I didn't think all that well when I took that decission :) )

from then on you decrease (ssk) on the first 2 stitches of the row and keep increasing on the last 2 stitches (kfb). That is the straight section (with the one side being much longer than the other).

When the longer side is as long as you want your skirt to be around (hip measure) you do a decrease on both sides. (ssk and k2tog).

The design trick is that the original is made with 2 color changing balls of yarn. The same color set! She just starts the 2 balls on different parts of the sequence.

One ball is used for the "background", so for the k and purl rows.
then the next is used for the k and k rows.
Therefore one strand froms the background and the other the ridges.
The second yarn you carry along the side.

I chose one plain yarn (black) to form the background and a color changing one (light to dark gray with a hint of beige) to form the ribs. The other way around might be nice, too.
Depending on the angle of view the skirt is more gray or more black. It keeps it interesting.

I got the tip to make the skirt pretty tight around (about 4 inches less then hip measure) to plan ahead for stretching that will happen. Now I hope that it WILL happen :)

I am thinking of lining my skirt with liner fabric to prevent buckeling and the "butt" hanging out after a lot of sitting. We will see.
First I will wear it for a while to see how it stretches in reality.

As of today I have to say: sock yarn is very tiny, really.
My needles (3.5mm) are not the tiniest, so maybe the skirt will not be totally dense (the lining will take care of that, so maybe I will need it). But it did take its amount of stitches.
I had planned on this project to be a background thing to my other knitting and just return to when I feel I need something brainless. Holiday time (no vacation, though), family and all that. I thought, I would just do some here and some there.

But now I have made it all in one go and I am very happy with the speed. I am down to 70 stitches now. My large section was 136 stitches across. Now there are 2 less with every RS row. That is damn motivating.

I am still not sure about the see-through part and about the length in general. Oh, and about the question if a knit skirt will be keeping shape.

So: shape and see-through I can take care of by lining, if I need to. I will see later.

If the length is not good for me... well, first I have to wear it some. The more it stretches, the more the length will adjust.

But what if it is still not long enough for my taste?

I had the idea last knit to pick up stitches about an inch up from the bottom corner, picking up from the inside. Working in my black background, I could make a lace edge that sticks out from under the skirt and ends with a wavy edge. If I do so, I will check for all the lace scarfs and stoles around here. One will have that perfect edging.
But really: I hope it will just fit me well and look good.

Let me know when you start making one! I'll be thrilled to see your choices. I will surely make another one soon. (And probably a kid's version for my 1-year old niece)

12-30-2010, 09:44 AM
I really like your colors, much better than the rainbow colors used in the picture.