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12-28-2010, 01:52 AM
Hello Knitters! If anyone can help. I am working on what I think is (so far) a pretty easy flat, single pointed needle hat pattern (one that is not being knitted using dpns or circular needles, just straight needles and there will be a seam up the back). I am close to finishing and am beginning my decrease. For decrease the patterns states as follows:
(k10, k2tog)* Repeat 7 times to end
Next Purl
(k9, k2tog)*
(k8, k2tog)* Purl
(k7, k2tog)* Purl (k6, k2tog)* Purl
(k5, k2tog)* Purl
(k4, k2tog)* Purl
(k3, k2tog)* Purl
(k2, k2tog)* Purl
(k1, k2tog)* Purl
My ? is this: afterK10, k2tog 7x, when it says "Next Purl" does that mean just purl the entire row? And then after purling that, begin K9, k2tog, then purl that entire row, etc.? Or, is it just after completing k10, k2tog 7x, purl a stitch, THEN begin K9, k2tog, 7x, etc, ? I am inclined to believe it is purl the next entire row, then turn my work around and go on to k9,k2tog, 7x, but I admit I'm just not sure. Hope this makes sense and that someone can help. I'd hate to come as far as I have and then screw it up!!! lol...:) Thanks so much for your help!

Here is the link for the entire pattern:

http://cyberseams.com/article/105285/all_things_knitting/adult_hat_pattern_fitted_amp_knitted_for_straight_ needles.html

12-28-2010, 07:28 AM
(k10, k2tog)* Repeat 7 times to end

that means: knit 10 stitches, knit 2 together, then knit 10 stitches, knit 2 together and so on until your row is used up.
The next row you purl for the entire row.

then you work your next decrease row:

knit 9, k2tog and so on. That means, you decrease in the same spots. You have made 12 stitches into 11, first you "ignore" 10 and work 2 together. Then you "ignore" only 9, work 2 tog. and so on.

On the WS rows you purl.
then you continue with one less stitch "ignored" (that means just knitted) every time.