View Full Version : Went to the doctor- yay!

01-06-2011, 09:30 PM
So, the government believes that I don't need medical insurance while I'm trying to get disability- poo on them! Anyway, my mom's doctor thinks it's utterly wrong that the government is doing this to me and took pity. He said he'd see me for $65 each visit if the first visit, I pay $125. Also, he's getting my a 4/5 of the cost reduction on bloodwork by putting it into his name. He's also finding me painkillers and arthritis medicine that will work for me for a price that I can afford... hopefully... he's trying anyway! The funny thing... he was on this kick telling everyone today that they need to drink more water! Lol, he seems to be the type that you end up going: "yes, mommy" :: shuffle feet :: to! With me, he didn't say that, though... luckily, my drink of choice IS water, soo...