View Full Version : F.O.: Baby Blanket (Feather & Fan)....& FAST!

01-08-2011, 05:05 PM
Wanted to share this because it was a wonderful quick knit for a baby you didn't plan to knit for. It's Edith Eig's Baby Blanket from Knit One Purl Two.

I have it up on my projects page on Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Arielluria/ediths-baby-blanket) if anyone wants the link or to see more pics. It took me only 3 days, one of those nights I was up until 4 a.m. with a sick hubby, so really it was about a 4 day knit for me. It's supposed to be a double-stranded project (2 yarns at once) in a lighter yarn, but I had all this Vanna's Choice (heavier yarn) in the perfect colors and chose to do it single-stranded instead.

The colors were given by the mother, these are the baby room's accent colors.


01-08-2011, 05:15 PM
Very nice! I bet the baby it goes to will love it.

01-08-2011, 05:21 PM
Oh it's cool! I really like the lacey pattern. Now you've got me wanting to try a throw! NOoooooOOoo I already have too many projects OTN!

01-08-2011, 06:43 PM
Very nice! I'm sure the mother and baby will adore it for a long time!

01-08-2011, 08:14 PM
I love the colors on that blanket. It's beautiful!!! :)

Jan in CA
01-08-2011, 08:18 PM
Ooooo pretty!! :inlove:

01-09-2011, 12:15 AM
Wow that looks great!!! Now I want to make one, and I need to finish the scarf that I have otn lol.

01-09-2011, 03:17 AM
Very nice work!! Love the color combo, too!

01-09-2011, 08:31 AM
Really nice! I have a friend due in May, and need to start a set for the baben. Trouble is, she's not going to find out what gender it will be, wants to be surprised. Your blanket would be great for a boy or a gir, just switching around a few colors.

01-09-2011, 03:48 PM
Very nice! Love the bright colors! :yay:

01-10-2011, 03:27 PM
Thanks for the comments on the colors, makes me feel more confident about it.:hug:

01-10-2011, 03:55 PM
3 days!!! I applaud your ability to stay so focused. My projects start with great intentions and end up taking me 2 weeks or longer to finish (and thats the small ones!). Hopefully you are close enough to the family to see the child get attached. It is an awesome feeling to know you made the childs' favorite snuggie! :cheering:

01-10-2011, 06:53 PM
Oh wow... nice, bright colors... perfect for a baby! That'll help them develop! It's pretty, too...

01-10-2011, 08:07 PM
Wow that is nice. Finally, some brighter colors for a baby!

01-10-2011, 11:13 PM
It's beautiful! I love it!