View Full Version : Help with Anisette Cardi Again, Please!!!

03-20-2011, 06:15 PM
Okay, I have gotten great help from y'all so far and I thank you so much. The sweater is looking great, and slowly but surely coming along. So I am going to put this link which should lead directly to the pattern as suggested on my last question:


The part I am questioning is on the second page under the directions for the right front side of the cardi. I have completed the patterns 13 inches from the beginning. It is a small so I have completed most of the next part where you work the decrease row for the next 16 right side rows. But this is where my question comes in, and it is kind of tricky to explain. So it says, for all sizes AND AT THE SAME TIME, when piece measures 17 inches shape neck as follows, etc. My question is that I am going to reach 17 inches before the 16 times of the dec row. So while I start the shape neck part, I am still working on the decrease row that I have to do 16 times??? And also where it says bind off 6 and then continue to bind off at same edge 4, and then 3, does that mean at the beginning of each of the wrong side rows?

I guess what would be great is if anybody would mind explaining this part to me row by row. It would really clear things up and help me in the future with patterns. This is my first big pattern, so I have lots of questions!

Thanks and God bless!!!

03-21-2011, 12:19 AM
It's expected that you don't get the first instructions finished when you reach that length - that's what 'at the same time' means. You still work on the 16 rows but when you get to 17" also begin the neck shaping. So you have decs on both the armhole edge and the neck edge. If the BO is supposed to be on the shoulder sts, then do them on the armhole edge, but if it's for the neck sts, do them on the neck edge.