View Full Version : If pattern calls for DPN's, can I replace with magic loop method?

03-23-2011, 06:04 PM
Hello everyone. I know there are multiple techniques for small-diameter round knitting, but I was wondering if they can be replaced with each other if a pattern calls for a specific method. The pattern I'm knitting says to switch to DPN's when the piece becomes too tight for circular needles.


03-23-2011, 06:25 PM
I don't see why not. As long as you are comfortable with it, and the pattern just calls for knitting in the round (no extra patterns, add ons, seams or other weird adjustments) I think you can use any method you like to knit a small diameter object in the round.


03-23-2011, 06:54 PM
Dpns, magic loop, single loop or 2 circs are all methods for knitting in the round. You can choose whichever you prefer whenever you need to.

03-23-2011, 08:12 PM
That's what I was hoping to hear :)

Thank you