View Full Version : Help with "A boy's own jacket" Zoe Mellor

03-27-2011, 09:52 PM
I joined to get help completing a jacket for my son from "Nursery Knits". I checked the errata post for this book but found nothing for this piece.
I'm not understanding how to proceed with the hood. I would appreciate any help. The pattern reads as follows;
3 sizes; 6-12 (1-2:2-3) I am knitting the 3rd size.
Inc on given rows only.
4th row K23 (26:29), m1, k4, m1 k23 (26:29). 52 (58:64) sts.
8th (10th and 12th) row k23 (26:29), m1, k6, m1. k23 (26:29. 54 (60:66) sts.
12th (16th and 20th row k23 (26:29, m1, k8, m1, k23 (26:29). 56 (62:68) sts.
...and it follows on in this fashion until 68 (74:80 sts).

Since I am knitting the 3rd size what I don't understand is; do I increase on both rows in brackets? In this case, the amount of sts does not correspond. I tried increasing on rows indicated for 3rd size only (e.g. 12th, 20th, 26th etc) but the hood turned out in a strange square shape.
It's so frustrating! Appreciate any help :muah:

03-27-2011, 10:40 PM
You inc every 8th row is what it looks like.; k 29 at the beginning and end of the row, with the extra sts in the middle.

4th row K29, m1, k4, m1 k29. 64 sts.
12th row k29 m1, k6, m1. k29. 66 sts.
20th row k29, m1, k8, m1, k29. 68 sts.
28th row k29, m1, k10, m1, k29. 70 sts.
36th row k29, m1, k12, m1, k29. 72 sts.

... and so on until you have 80 sts.