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04-23-2011, 06:28 PM
I made an absolutely wonderful but unintended discovery. :woot:
I have a 'new to me' dog named Lulu. She is an 11yr old Maltese and is maybe 5lbs. Living in Canada can be extremely cold at times, at least in this part so of course as a loving human to Lulu I want her nice and warm.

Looking through some knitting patterns for dog sweaters/coats I found most to be just more than my brain would wrap around, or I didn't like the look, or even more I didn't want to have to figure out how to do the two little leg holes. I wanted easy and quick. I've ended up trying to knit a certain pattern of my own divising, inspired by some great ideas, at least 10 times. I frogged the thing ten times!!!!! Waaaaahhhh

Ok calming down. So I started again, cuz I don't want to be beat by a brain that is in a mush stage right now. The pattern has no leg holes, just simply cast off of half the sweater then recasting on and connecting the new sts to make the tube again. The cast off is a slit that the legs go through, saving nails and whimpering. In past sweaters, one I finshed, the belly part of the tube was too short for what I wanted, and when the belly part was increased in the frogged up one the bottom of the sweater close to the tail flared like, well I don't know, flared in an unsightly way. It was ick!

So this last attempt I made the tummy part longer, didn't cast off to make the opening for all the digestive outlet parts on the dog. Instead I stopped in the middle of the belly and just turned the work around, discontinuing the working in the round, working then in rows. What I did instead too was decreased at the sides where the magic loop's loops sat. So I was decreasing the back part, a little at a time, which actually opened up the lack of joining in the round at the centre of the belly, making room for my Lulu to do her business unencumbered by the sweater.
I thought with the frogged sweater that decreasing by casting off, or whatever it's called, at the tummy sts would form the sweater nicely around the body, but it didn't. What I found instead, decreasing in the back part, was that the form of the sweater was perfect because it was stressing the opening of the discontinued working in the round- at the centre of the belly
Let's see if I can describe this in a less confusing manner, at least less confusing to myself. So at the point of the tummy portion of the sweater I stopped working in the round and made the middle of the tummy the start of working in rows. So the space at the tummy and further to the hind legs is open and nicely stressed to form to the body, thus puling the back against the body as well as it slowly is decreased.
I know no big revelation for most here. BUT I discovered, with a mush brain, on my own the physics or mechanics, whatever it's called, in how to form a sweater to a round form without just knitting a 1x1 rib all the way through. But actually forming a stockinette st by decreasing in the right places, stress the sweater slightly so it forms to the body.
Ok am repeating myself now... explaining the process helps for the idea to stay affixed to my brain. And it was such a revelation from frogging the sweater one too many times. I am glad I figured it out, but not glad about all the frogging.
Am not totally finished the sweater, and have no idea how to upload pics, but I have discovered what so many here know and can do well. I am so happy and excited! Excited too that the sweater won't turn out to be some weird thing that I woudn't want to parade my dog in. It's pink and lilac and will form to her beautifully. I made a discovery, and totally get how it works (at least in this case hehhehe).
Thanks all who've read this novella... you are sweet!

04-24-2011, 04:17 PM
Thank you for sharing, NancyO!

Frogging has always been a mystery to me. This has helped clarify some things.

As far as uploading pictures, in this forum it looks like you can only upload pictures from another website. Maybe you should start a Flickr account to host your special creations!

Happy Easter :)