View Full Version : sock patterns??

04-30-2011, 03:55 PM
i would very much like to learn how to knit socks, but the patterns i've looked at are all very...intimdating. so if anyone could recommend a relatively simple sock pattern that would be greatly appreciated :)

Jan in CA
04-30-2011, 04:34 PM
This is the best one I know of! It's got photos every step of the way. I learned on the double pointed needles (DPN) pattern. You could also do the toe up on two circular needles. I don't recommend the two sock pattern till you have learned how to do basic socks.

04-30-2011, 04:40 PM
Thanks so much Jan, i am defintly not so anxious about learning to knit socks now, and will definitly try this. :)

04-30-2011, 09:25 PM
Check out Kelly's sock class. These videos take you through sock knitting step by step. Her mitten class is excellent, too.


04-30-2011, 10:01 PM
thanks :)

05-03-2011, 07:13 AM
On Knittinghelp.com..... On one of the tabs find PATTERNS... I actually made the North Country child's sock which is among other patterns. I also purchased the video which is wonderful. Amy knits... and you can follow her every step as you knit.. and the good thing... just rewind and replay. Love it! Good Luck... Cair