View Full Version : Droidx battery care

07-14-2011, 04:14 PM
Is it okay to plug my Droidx into a AC wall charger or a car charger when battery is still 70-90% charged?
Do Droidx batteries have the “trainable” memory feature like other rechargeable batteries?
Is it best to allow Droidx batteries drain down to 15% remaining before re-charging?
Does a “down-to-15%” battery level help or hinder Droidx batteries maintain their full potential?I cannot be phone-less duing our wilderness trips. I don't always have access to the truck for charging my phone, and we don't run the generator every day which powers up the plugs inside the trailer.

I would rather charge my Droidx at every opportunity, but don’t want to “train” my battery to accept shallower and shallower charges.

We have network connection, no problem…but without “juice”…a network connection is useless. I’ve had two batteries since purchasing my Droidx, and recently invested in another extended battery.

I try to power down all unnecessary features when we’re off-the-grid…but I’m still frustrated when that 15% warning pops up. Bah! I admit, I’m using my Droidx more and more as time passes. :thumbsup:

Jan in CA
07-14-2011, 10:43 PM
I can't speak of the Droid specifically, but I think all batteries benefit from being completely depleted once in a while. When I'm not waiting for it to run out though I usually charge it when it's down to about 10% or less except when I need to go somewhere then I'll just top it off if I will be gone a longer time. As long as you don't do that all the time I would think it would be okay. :shrug:

As far as training...I don't think it trains a battery, but I think the battery becomes less effective over time. I'm not sure.