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08-16-2011, 04:19 PM
Hello, my amazing crochet friends!

We have been knitting Oddball Baby Blankets in the forum now for almost 5 years. We donate them to charity when they are complete.

When we finish knitting our blankets, we like to add a crochet border to them, to make them look complete.
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3121/2809417954_ab37705589.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/59646927@N00/2809417954/)
Fairy Land Complete (http://www.flickr.com/photos/59646927@N00/2809417954/) by Shandeh (http://www.flickr.com/people/59646927@N00/), on Flickr

Can any of you recommend some pretty, simple crochet borders that we could use for our blankets? We have a discussion going here in the forum already:

08-22-2011, 03:22 PM
I like to use the reverse single crochet for borders on rugs and blankets. I think it would be beautiful on a baby blanket.

08-23-2011, 12:57 AM
Thanks grayseasmom!
Do you have a link to that design, so the rest of us can see how to do it?

08-24-2011, 09:43 AM
Thanks grayseasmom!
Do you have a link to that design, so the rest of us can see how to do it?

HERE (http://www.hookedonneedles.com/2008/08/reverse-single-crochet-border.html) is a video tutorial on reverse single crochet and a few pictures too. It's one of my personal favorites!


08-24-2011, 08:59 PM
MGM to the rescue! :thumbsup:

08-26-2011, 12:55 PM
I will mostly do a simple single crochet border, sometimes that ... cookie border? NO idea what it is called, but it's a row of single crochet, then working on sets of 5 sc, sc, hdc, tc twice, hdc, repeat, something like that. gives a nice border,but only from the right side.

On a side note, I only learned crochet because I used a crochet hook to pull in the strands of yarn. Then I thought, oh my, you learned how to crochet so long ago, why not pick up on it now? And guess what? I prefer crochet to knitting! :D

08-28-2011, 09:48 PM
This is not a border stitch, but here's something that I often do with baby blankets. particularly if the blanket is multicolored. I often crochet each side of the border in a different color (i.e., left side pink, top side green, right side blue, and bottom side purple). It really does make the border stand out and no special stitches are needed.