View Full Version : confused on how many rows

04-04-2012, 10:17 AM
I am working on a Tom Baker Scarf using this pattern.

It says 3 rows of purple but then at the top it says "measurements in garter ribs (2 rows each). So am I doing 3 rows or 6 rows? I am so confused, I did 3 but then I am looking at the images of the scarf online and it looks so much bigger, is that after blocking. Any help would be great. Thanks.

04-04-2012, 10:47 AM
A row is a row, 2 rows is a ridge (or rib as they call it). If it says to work 3 rows, then just do 3 rows. Garter stitch grows lengthwise, even without blocking, which only needs to be washed and dried in whatever manner the yarn label says. Don't stretch it to block it.

04-07-2012, 10:26 PM
It depends on how close to the original you want to get on this. The widest and most prominent Dr Who scarves had a cast on of 60 stitches, the shortest 45. I thought 60 was extremely wide and cast on 50. Some patterns call for #8 needles and some #9. I'm currently knitting this scarf also. This is the pattern I'm using. It lists rows rather than garter ridges.