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02-18-2005, 09:12 PM
Well, this is my second attempt to post, but I don't think the first one went through, but if so, sorry for the double post!
I'm new here .... linked here by an internet friend JulieAnne who has been holding my hand through most of my projects! My name is Brandie. I'm a sahm to my 2 daughters and a great guy! I learned to knit last Janaury when I was determined to make a pair of booties for an expecting friend! After trial and error, the first pair was finished and I was hooked on knitting! Right now I'm just kind of moving from project to project as the fancy strikes me (and as pregnancy announcements are made!).

But, I also have a question! I want to make a matching blanket/cardigan for a little girl. The pattern recommends that I use Joseph Galler Pashmina ... but the blanket alone calls for 6 skeins, and at $55 a skein, that blanket is not in my budget! LOL!
Any recommendations on a nice, soft, pretty yarn that might do the trick and is a lot less money?

Thanks :)

02-18-2005, 11:10 PM
Yikes!!! 100% cashmere is expensive! I don't have a specific brand recomendation, but if softness is what you're looking for (I assume burlap is not an option for baby blankets and sweaters), why not try a cashmere blend that is in the same gauge as the Joseph Galler (5.5 to 6 sts/inch on #4 to 5 needle according to the website I checked).

I was looking for less expensive alternative yarns, and I ran across this website (http://two_pointy_sticks.blogspot.com/2004/10/list-of-colourways.html) which I think is actually a blog, and got so sidetracked by the gorgeous yarn that I forgot what I was doing (yes I started this post like 20 minutes ago)... and anyway it says to email for pricing info; I assume you could get gauge info by emailing also. One of the "comments" after the post on the site asks if the yarn is all $10 for per hank, but there is no response affirmative or negative.

Thanks for your post... otherwise I wouldn't have found the new yarn site! :D

good luck!

02-20-2005, 09:07 PM
Welcome Brandie!

Check out the selection at www.knitpicks.com, especially their own line of yarn. I don't know if they have cashmere per se, but lots of nice, natural yarns for incredible prices. There's a review of their yarns on www.knittersreview.com. also, Smiley's yarn (click here (http://www.pagelinx.com/cgi-shopper/loadpage.cgi/smileysyarns/ezshopper?user_id=id&file=iriot.htm)) has great prices, including 100% cashmere for $15.99 per skein.

Happy shopping and knitting! :)