View Full Version : Grrrr....need help reading stinkin' scarf pattern

04-06-2005, 12:11 PM
Ok, so I KNOW this is simple and I am probably just making it harder than it really is, but I need some help.

Here is the pattern: http://theknittinggarden.com/gallery-sept/sept-art-6.htm

It just doesn't seem to be even to me and I am driving myself nuts overanalyzing the "drop-stich" thing.

Here's where I'm confusing myself: :??
PATTERN STITCH: Drop garter stitch instructions: *K1, winding yarn twice around needle*; repeat to end. Next row: knit to end, dropping the extra loops.)
Which loop do I drop? The first or second, does it matter?

With MC, cast on 145 stitches.
- 2 rows garter stitch.
- 1 row garter drop stitch. Do I knit an additional row here since it's drop stich??

- Change to CC, 4 rows garter stitch.
- 1 row garter drop stitch.
- K 1 row. Is this the row in the pattern above or do I K 2 rows after the drop st row?

- Change to CC2, 6 rows garter stitch.

- Change to CC, K 1 row.
- 1 row garter drop stitch. Again, do I K another row after this in addition to the 4 listed below?

- 4 rows garter stitch.

- Change to MC, 1 row garter drop stitch.Same thing, do I K an additional row? And why is it that the end has 3 rows when the first only says 2? The pattern looks symmetrical to me?

- 3 rows garter stitch.
- Bind off loosely.

Maybe I'm not visualizing it right? I've never done drop stitch, but I want to get started on this scarf so badly!

Any help would be appreciated!! THANKS!

04-06-2005, 01:29 PM
Do not take this as gospel since I'm really new.

But take a look at Amy's elongated stitch video. It sounds like what the dropped garter stitch is, except with more loops. If I remember correctly you knit into the first stitch and drop the other.

And I would only knit or do the dropped garter stitch row the number of times they say. I wouldn't add any rows.

Now let's wait for someone with more experience to come in and give the "for sure" right answer.

04-06-2005, 02:36 PM
Thanks twiggyann! I know I am just making myself nutso for no reason...
I'm going to take a look at the video and just give it a go.

If anyone else has any other thoughts, please share!

04-06-2005, 09:48 PM
Twiggy is exactly right! After you do all those extra wraps, on the next row, knit into the first stitch of the group only, and kick the 2 extra wraps off the end. If you knit into the wrap , you'll end up dropping a stitch. If it's hard to tell which is the first stitch, look carefully... you'll see that the first stitch is "connected" the the row below, and the extra wraps are not connected; they're just around the needle. HTH