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04-28-2005, 01:09 PM
Hi all! I hope this doesn't appear twice -- I forgot a subject line last time and I think the message disappeared into cyberspace :??

Anyhow...A coworker just brought me a present -- just because! She said she saw it and knew I had to have it :D I guess my knitting obsession is becoming well known in the office! (the bear's knitting bag says "knitting is my bag")


04-28-2005, 01:21 PM

04-28-2005, 01:26 PM
That's adorable! Man you work with some cool people. The girls I work with just laugh at me when I bring out my knitting!

04-28-2005, 01:57 PM
How sweet of her to think of you!

04-28-2005, 04:35 PM
Holly, It's obvious that YOU are a very sweet & kind person for someone to just give u a gift at work!! That's very, very sweet, as I am sure u r!!
A little something from me to u.... :present:

04-28-2005, 07:23 PM
One of our teacher aides gave me a bear JUST LIKE THAT today! She is so cute ... the bear not the aide ... well the aide is cute too :) and SOOO sweet. I can't wait till my Kids Knit group sees her.... the bear not the aide... ( the bear is an AVON product)

05-02-2005, 10:36 AM
It is the same bear! :D My friend mentioned that she got it through Avon...too cute!