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01-22-2006, 11:00 AM
I went to Goodwill yesterday just wandering around when I saw a sweater that was hanging in the Mens aisle. I have wanted to try sweater recycling for a while now so I picked it up (.75 :thumbsup: ) and got a lambswool sweater that had been washed and felted very tightly(.50 ). the felted sweater is getting cut up and made into a purse for my daughter who is going to help me embellish it. I got started with the sweater as soon as I got home. That darn thing was VERY hard to get started! Once I got the sweater figured out though it was pretty smooth sailing. It was a large so I got a lot of yarn from it that will go into my sweater once they dry. The yarn content is 60% lambswool, 20% nylon, 20% cashmeir. :happydance: Now on to picturage!

01-22-2006, 11:03 AM
What a great find!! :cheering: What are you going to make with it?

(I love the way the cat is guarding the baby! ;) )

01-22-2006, 11:14 AM
looooooook at that bebe and the biiiiiiiiiiig kitty! sweet!!

(nice find! :thumbsup: )

01-22-2006, 11:28 AM
I'm so distracted by the beautiful baby, I almost forgot what the post was about.

Was it a machine knit sweater? I can't imagine anything more difficult to rip out than shrunken wool.
The hank of yarn looks beautiful. I have some nice wool sweaters that I have out grown :doh:, I think I'll try recycling yarn too.

Inspiration is everywhere on this board. :thumbsup:

01-22-2006, 11:53 AM
Wow, what I beautiful color!

01-22-2006, 03:10 PM
Thanks all! Gypsy love snuggeling up to Sophia whe she is sleeping I just have to make sure that Gypsy doesn't snuggle to close :)

The yarn tag said that it was hand knit so I don't know. The yarn itself is really chunky. I was going to make myself a sweater out of it but my dh told me that it is too manly a color and that I should make hats and scarves for the boys, so I really don't know anymore. :thinking: If it wasn't wool I would think that he wanted me to make him a sweater with it but he is allergic so I don't think that he wants it.

01-22-2006, 03:24 PM
what a great fine--I've never tried recycling it--I wouldn't know where to begin!

01-22-2006, 08:29 PM
I've been thinking of recycling. I want to find some pure white sweater made out of wool and be able to dye my own yarn.

Good find though! :thumbsup:

01-22-2006, 10:58 PM
A great color... my birthday is in June and I wear a XXL.
And if your DH wants to visit, he can take the boat out on the lake while we knit. I already invited Ingrid for a walk in the woods... hehehe.