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01-27-2006, 11:09 AM
Hi Tamar,

Sorry it took me a while to get these up, hope they are helpful. This is the baby hat my daughter got from the hospital when she was born. Although I think it was a bit small for her, it was always popping off her head! I think it would have needed another couple centimeters/an inch in length (actually width as you were knitting) and another set of 4 rows of stockinette/reverse stockinette to fit her better (8 altogether).

It's approximately 20 cm/8 inches unfolded from bottom edge to top, which would be the width as you knit. It it alternating four rows of stockinette and reverse stockinette x 30. Or maybe I should phrase that as 4 rows stockinette then 4 rows reverse stockinette x 15. I think it's a fingering weight yarn, possibly a baby sport weight. I tried to get a picture of the seam and how they gathered up the one end on the inside, but it's not too clear. I can tell they slipped the side stitches that eventually became the bottom of the hat.



Tamar Dohel
01-28-2006, 03:37 AM
Thank you dear,

Very nice hat - shame it never did fit.

I'll soon send a photo of the ribbed hat I've almost finished.