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01-27-2006, 07:46 PM
:D Hello Everyone! I'm brand new here. This looks like a great place to "be".

I just started knitting my very first pair of socks. I'm using the Toe Up method. I am right at the heel part and will be going to my knitting lady's shop on Thursday for help in learning how to begin the heel. I'm knitting the two socks at the same time so I KNOW that I'll end up with TWO for my two feet!! I recently met a lady who told me that she had knit one sock and never did the other one...don't want that to happen to me.

I find knitting very relaxing and I just love all the yarns and fibers out there too.

01-27-2006, 07:59 PM
Welcome Celine! Two socks at once is a great way to cure SSS, or single sock syndrome, a very common condition among knitters. I'm trying my first sock solo, hope that wasn't a mistake on my part!

I've also read it's a good way to do sleeves also, two at a time!

You'll have to post pictures of the perfect pair upon completion!

01-27-2006, 08:15 PM
Welcome Celine! It's true--two of anything is best done together, if possible. If I did one sleeve at a time, I'd have a lot of odd looking sweaters! :rollseyes:

01-27-2006, 08:50 PM
:waving: Welcome Celine!! You will love it here! :D

01-27-2006, 08:59 PM
Welcome, Celine! :waving: