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02-20-2006, 07:19 AM
Okay, so I'm working on my quillow still and am getting the creative bug :happydance: to make this a fun blanket by knitting squars with a chart. I have two ideas to bring before you guys, and want your advice and help in finding or creating my own chart for this.

ONE: I love pigs, LOVE EM! I don't even eat pork because I like them so much, so one idea was to make a chart of a pig to knit in each square. I wanted to a simple pig face, nothing too cartoony.

TWO: I'm getting married on the 6th of March. My fiance is a Rebublican, and I'm a Democrat. We joke about our differences all the time so I was thinking of making one square a donkey, then the other an elephant and alterating. And then on the pillow face of the quillow embroidering our names and wedding date. I think that would be a fun, personal, and cute way to make a joke that would mean something to only us. But how do I make a pattern? I've been reading on stitching them, and I'm getting so good at purling and knitting that I think I'm ready for the challenge, but next I need the chart.

I would LOVE any help you could give me, and I'm very very excited about the donkey elephant one. It just popped into my head and would be hilarious!


02-20-2006, 08:39 AM
There's an elephant on this page (http://www.knittingknonsense.com/animals.html)

There's no donkey, but there IS a horse....maybe you could shorten its legs and make its ears a little bigger? :thinking:

02-20-2006, 10:41 AM
You might be able to use this (http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/) if you have a picture, or you can get knitter's graph paper, in proper gauge, here. (http://www.tata-tatao.to/knit/matrix/e-index.html)

If you have a picture you'd like to trace, tape it to a window with the graph paper on top and trace it with the light shining through it.