View Full Version : Surprise Stash!

03-03-2006, 10:44 PM
I went to a meeting at a local senior center today, and they had some yarn lying around, so I was looking at it (knowing that I've blown my yarn budget until April) longingly. One of the directors was there and noticed me yearning, and offered me pieces from the "good yarn". I walked away with this:
This is all the yarn she gave me, one large ball of handspun, undyed wool, and two one-pound cones of sock-weight chenille.
The wool up close
The label inside the blue cone (the red cone is the same).
I've never heard of this stuff, and I have no idea what the brand of the wool is, but the director told me that they were donated by a woman who used to work at Webs, so I think I scored big time. There's over 3000 yards of yarn there! :heart: :happydance: