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03-04-2006, 11:41 PM
I need a birthday idea for my mom (an idea for a gift for me, not her)- she is on limited budget and a bit limited mobility, so I was thinking.....I have that knitting pure and simple neckdown pullover pattern - what was the name of the bernat yarn that Jan and Kelly used for their knitting pure and simple sweaters? She suggested yarn, and I could tell she was leaning toward "fun fur" but I think I have kind of gone beyond the fun fur stage (although I always have to touch it and look at it!) and I have that pattern and would love to make it....

Also - for Jan and Kelly specifically - were the yarn requirements for your sizes pretty close to what it ended up knitting at???


Jan in CA
03-04-2006, 11:56 PM
That's a great idea! The yarn is Bernat Denim Style. Each skein is 100gms and 196 yds according to the wrapper. I got mine at Joanns on sale and the total came to about $30. I can't remember exactly how many skeins I bought, but I have 2 left. I know I bought 1 extra based on the pattern yardage so I don't know why I have 2, but don't shortchange your yarn..better to have too many. Mine was a small and it's plenty big for me at 5'3". I normally wear a size 8-10 and I have a small frame. I might have even been able to wear the x-small.

Oh and if she can't spend that much she can always give you GC and you can add to it. Make sure your Joanns or whatever store you shop at HAS the yarn though. It would be a bummer to have the GC and then they don't have the yarn! Although you could order it online if necessary.