View Full Version : help with pattern Please

03-19-2006, 04:56 PM
Help My mum has been a knitter over 60 years but even after lots of arans and complicated patterns she has got stuck reversing a patter Can anyone help. She has knitted the left front. The right needs to be reversed.
1st row. cast off 2 stitches knit to end.
2nd row pearl
3rd K1 sl 1 K2 tog psso yrn fwd and knit to end.
Rep 2nd and 3rd rows till 13 stitches ending at front edge.
Still decreasing every alternate row at ragan edge as before cast off 3 stitches at beg of next row and dec 1 stitch at every following alt row at this edge until 4 st remain.
We would be grateful if someone could reverse this for right side. Thank you