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03-20-2006, 12:38 AM
Hey everyone I want a blogspot to display or show off :rollseyes: :lol: my handknitted items. Does anyone know of any sites that you can make your own blog for free. I was thinking of joining blogger.com but some services are free and others are not :thinking: Hmm.. well please get back to me ...someone.

Jan in CA
03-20-2006, 12:41 AM
You can make a very nice blog for free on blogger! Check out mine and then on the KH blog link you can click on list and get the rest of the KH blogs. There are other sites as well, but this is the only one I know about.

03-20-2006, 12:46 AM
Hi, thanx so blogger.com is free and a nice site you say? I might just go with them then.

03-20-2006, 01:32 AM
I use www.livejournal.com (use is relative since i rarely remember to update it...lol)

03-20-2006, 01:39 AM
I've been using blogger for a few years now...some people have trouble with it but I never have -- I guess I'm charmed! :D IMO it's really quite simple to set up and maintain. I do use Photobucket for picture hosting though, because when I upload pics through Blogger, a lot of people tell me they can't see them. :??

03-20-2006, 01:41 AM
I use both Livejournal and Xanga, and am pretty happy with both. You can make a nice site with either free, and have the option of adding to it if you want to pay.

03-20-2006, 11:26 AM
I have two blogs on Blogger/Blogspot, and find that they have many good features for being free. There's a few other things that I would *like* to have, but until I can afford to pay for blog hosting, I will make do. Occasionally I have trouble uploading to Blogspot, but usually an hour or so later everything's okay... so it might be my pooter, and not theirs!

03-20-2006, 05:16 PM
I just joined blogger.com on Friday and I'm really happy with them so far. Seems like everything I want in a blog comes free with them.

03-22-2006, 07:41 AM
if you have a yahoo account, the 360 feature has a spot for blogging. i use that and i also use myspace.com... they are both free. hope that helps.

03-23-2006, 01:22 AM
Mine is on blogger (same as blogspot) too. User friendly, usually works well (except this weekend when they were changing out some hardware).

See what you think-

03-23-2006, 01:50 AM
I really loved my Livejournal account. But, due to a bad break up with my now ex best friend, I ditched it (even though I was using it way before she was. Couldn't stand the thought of her reading my stuff though.)

I've been looking for a good replacement for it. I tried Blogger, and it's ok. Didn't quite have the functionality I was looking for (or, if it did, I couldn't find it). I did like the minimal ad space though.
Then I signed up with Xanga, which I read about on this site somewhere. I liked it, but the ads bugged me.
I think I did a search on google for free blogs and found blogdrive.com which is where my blog is now. Got it looking the way I wanted, and it has the functions I was looking for that I missed from Livejournal.

So, that's another option. Blogger is very common to, and pretty easy to use.
I just found I prefer blogdrive.

03-23-2006, 04:58 PM
I like the blog set up on msn (i use it for my band) & it's free. myspace has a blog set up (but i find that one to be difficult) and i LOVE a blog that happens to be on blogger (www.pinkisthenewblog.com)... very FUNNY STUFF & (maybe go w/blogger) :thumbsup:

03-23-2006, 05:04 PM
whatsup w/me & the double posting... sorry!

03-23-2006, 05:09 PM
I'm another who uses blogger. it's reallyy simple to use. I Haven't tried any of the other blogging services out there. If you want to take a look at mine it's HERE (http://anjaknits.blogspot.com).

03-24-2006, 01:03 AM
I use bravenet. I had an account on blogger but I thought bravenet had pretty standard options lol