View Full Version : Sale on Noro Kureyon - $6.38!

05-25-2006, 12:15 AM
Yarnware sale! (!OpenDocument)
They have plenty of other yarns on sale too.
Thought I'd let you folks know, since a lot of you seem to love the Noro. :thumbsup:
Bonus - they ship outside the US! (But it's a bit on the expensive side...)

05-25-2006, 08:07 AM
Cool, thanks!

05-25-2006, 12:22 PM
Noro yarns are some of my favorite!! I'm waiting for some to get here via UPS any minute. Wish I knew about this sale a few days ago. But thanks~~ :XX:

05-25-2006, 01:13 PM
How many skeins do I need to knit a size 6 for children?

05-25-2006, 01:18 PM
a size six what? have you had a chance to touch and feel noro? as beautiful as the colors are and as fabulously as it felts...it really is something i hate knitting with (which explains why it is on the needles in my bag right over ~~~~there~~~> doesn't it? :rollseyes: ) because it is quite scratchy and does have a thick/thin texture to it. I don't know that i would want to use it to make something that a child would wear next to their skin. i have made teddy bear hats with it though....they haven't complained at all! :rofling:

i do see they have some encore worsted on sale in a color that would work well for the afghan i am thinking i want to torture myself with...yes...my two arch enemies....boring afghans and encore!....i sooo wish i didn't hate both of those things...lol