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08-06-2006, 06:06 PM
Has anyone used Sirdar Snuggly? How soft is it compared to other baby yarns? I was looking on ebay for some Sirdar Snuggly for the Razor Cami, but couldn't find it in the color I wanted. However, I found a perfect color to make a pinwheel baby blanket for my friend. Also, does anyone have any budget friendly suggestions for a Snuggly sub, since I don't really don't want to spend $20 on a tank? Do you think Caron Simply Soft Sport might work?

That was a lot of questions! thanks!

08-06-2006, 08:53 PM
Sure you could use the Simply Soft, I love it. But I don't know that I'd want a tank out of acrylic, but maybe that's just me. I think it's too hot. How about some of the `kitchen' cotton yarns? Like sugar or peaches n cream? They're inexpensive and they work well for summer tops. They may seem harsh right off the ball, but they soften up the more you wash them.


08-06-2006, 09:02 PM
You could also try TLC Cotton Plus (http://www.coatsandclark.com/Products/Knitting/Medium+Yarns/TLC+Cotton+Plus.htm). It's a cotton/acrylic blend that comes in some nice colors.

08-06-2006, 09:33 PM
I just finished a baby sweater, and I loved knitting with it! It is so soft and wonderful!