View Full Version : 33 Balls of fingerweight Cashmere -- what do make?!?!

08-13-2006, 10:38 AM
Last night I attended a fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer. Lucky for me the two girls organizing it are addicted to two of things I'm addicted to: rock climbing and knitting.

Public Service Announcement for the Hera Foundation

Knit With (http://www.theknitwith.com/) in Philadelphia, PA donated $3000 worth of yarn. They did a silent auction for most and raffled the rest of it off. I walked out of Fergie's Pub (http://www.fergies.com/) with thirty three (yes, 33) balls of cashmere yarn: 19 black and 14 baby blue.

I haven't been able to find much information on the web about this yarn -- here's what I know from the label:
Brand: La Lana del Cigno Nero -- "The wool of the black swan" -- Biella, Made in Italy
Fiber Content: 85% Cashmere, 15% pure virgin wool
Needle Size: 2.5 -3
Other stuff: "GR. 20 COND" -- it says that on the label, dunno what it means