View Full Version : What is WRONG with these places???

08-17-2006, 07:31 PM
Of ALL the yarn shops in the greater wellington area (spread over 3-5 cities/towns) there is only ONE place that stocks size 2.75mm DPN's!!

I mean HELLO! I FINALLY decide to start knitting my first ever pair of socks on DPN's. I buy the yarn (Opal... ohhhhhhhh :happydance: ) and get the pattern (a nice easy one that came free with the ohhhhh Opal yarn :cheering: ) and I don't have the right sized DPN's. I have every other size nearly... except the one I need and I don't have one size up or down from that one either. :wall:

Are the sock lords working against me today or what? Why why why does only ONE yarn shop stock sock making needles?? *slams head on keyboard* *sigh*

Ok so there is my knitting rant for the day. I feel a tiny bit better. Anyone else want to have a go?? :rofl:

08-17-2006, 09:03 PM
Why is it when you finally figured out what to do one has problems finding the tools to do it with? I agree sooo much.... :wall: :figureditout: I know... tell the knitting gods you're going to do one thing.. then do another?