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10-01-2006, 10:51 AM
After the Guinea Pigs had finished checking out the Countonknit stitch markers, they asked me if I could come up with a marker for circulars - yes, well, hum ....

Everyone, without exception, who had tried the markers said it was a great idea to be able to plot out pattern changes first, before knitting and that having the markers in two differently coloured metals - to tell increases from decreases - knits from purls, also helped alot.

As my computer had just died on me, there was nothing for it but to get busy among the smoking remains.

I realised that what was needed was something that would not only fit easily onto the cable but would also slide on and then off the needle tips.

I've come up with a type of lanyard fitting that can be fastened on both the needle and cable and keeps its place without getting in the way of your fingers.

As you can see from the pictures (I HOPE!), each 3 inch (7.5 cm) long marker can hang low on the knitting or can 'sit' next to the cable and needle, if you prefer. I've carefully selected a bolt ring fastener that will move easily up and down the cord and have kept metal components to the minimum to avoid snagging; and although the markers have differently coloured cords, I've kept to the idea of having two differently coloured metals.


The Guinea Pigs told me their favourite bead wasEnglish Meadow (flowers) and I've now extended the range of colours.

There is also a totally new bead set for Autumn, beautiful 10mm x 10mm square tiles - brightly coloured with exquisite details (see pic).

The sets of six markers would normally retail at 7.99 ($15.00) and 6.99 ($14.00) plus shipping. However, as a 'Thank You' to this website and to KH members, I'm offering all bead sets - (except Czech Brilliants) for [/b] only $14.00 per set, INCLUDING SHIPPING (Please add $1 if gift-box required).

IWILL KEEP THIS OFFER OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS - speaking of which, if you would like to purchase, please do not leave it too late to order.

As each marker is carefully hand made (these are NOT mass produced products), they take a considerable amount of time to assemble - SO TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT, PLEASE GET YOUR ORDERS IN ASAP.

When ordering, please write KH in coupon code - PAYMENT BY PAYPAL PLEASE.

If you would like any further information, please just drop me a line: