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10-02-2006, 09:40 AM

NO NOT REALLY! (I'm not sad).

It was just the most amazing thing. Amazing. I sold


nada NOTHING rien

Girl after girl after woman came running over to my table to pick up the Watermelon hats and yell "look at that! how cute is that!" Then they would look at the price tag and walk away.

Ok. Maybe my prices were high. $45 for a watermelon hat but it was a lot of work. Turns out the Delhi Harvest Festival is for farmers. period. The usual city folk who are up here in the summer on weekends are not up here anymore.

I priced some scarves at $7 !!!! and they still wouldn't buy. The young girls were the ones who went crazy over my stuff coz it's so colorful and fun. The older ladies sniffed at my prices. One other vendor, a Finnish lady who had wonderful alpaca hats that were $40 and $60 said 'forget about it'. You cannot sell this stuff here. They liked the birdhouses next to me that were mass produced. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE.

Thank god it started raining at 1:30 so I could go home!

A sweet little girl who was at the booth next to me and loved my stuff so much (hung around and looked at every single item and told me she wanted to knit this winter) I ended up calling her over and GIVING HER A SCARF. She helped me load up my truck. She was adorable and it made my day giving her that scarf. whew ok

:D Live and Learn.

Here's some pix so you can see what I was TRYING to sell.