View Full Version : WIP: Scarves and Sock

10-08-2006, 06:05 PM
I've been working on this scarf which I loveeee..although I think I didn't follow one of the steps too well but I still like how its turning out :teehee: ...I hope I don't abandon it like I abandoned my crazy loops scarf :P...and well here's picture of what i've been doing...the baby sock is not a gift for anyone that colour is too bright I just did it to practice a bit..

10-08-2006, 06:07 PM
I like that stitch on the red scarf, very neat!

10-08-2006, 06:43 PM
Everything is lovely :cheering:

10-08-2006, 09:55 PM
Keep going!! They are all fabulous!

Tamar Dohel
10-10-2006, 03:06 AM
I love your red scarf. What pattern did you use? It's pretty.

ann in ma
10-10-2006, 07:30 AM
Very nice!

My daughters would go crazy for your loop scarf!

10-10-2006, 09:18 AM
Looks like you are doing a great job on all three projects!! :cheering:

I too was wondering where you got the pattern for the red scarf? Can you share if it was on a website? :teehee:

10-10-2006, 09:56 AM
They look great!! I also love the pattern you used on the red scarf....

10-10-2006, 12:33 PM
awwwww thanks girls!! :muah: :muah: :hug: :hug: well of course I can share the pattern! I found it on this blog:

enjoy!! :D

10-10-2006, 12:36 PM
Everything looks great! :hug:

10-10-2006, 12:57 PM
Everything looks lovely! I especially like the red scarf. :)

Tamar Dohel
10-11-2006, 12:30 PM
Thanks for the pattern link. Yours came out prettier - what did you change? Do you remember?

10-11-2006, 01:40 PM
Everything looks great!

10-12-2006, 12:01 AM
Thanks for the pattern link. Yours came out prettier - what did you change? Do you remember?I didn't change anything, I actually looked at the picture closer and its the same thing, I think mine looks different because of the yarn i'm using...she used 2 strands of dk weight alpaca yarn...i'm using worsted weight 100% acrylic...so give it a try! :D

Mama Bear
10-12-2006, 04:12 AM
They look great!

Why not make the second baby sock. Babies love bright!

Mama Bear

10-12-2006, 02:23 PM
Great job! What a cute baby sock!