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10-10-2006, 02:34 PM
Both of my kids (6 and almost 5 yo) both want Nintendo DS's for Christmas. We were planning on getting them each a DS lite, but at $130 each....I just don't know. There's an auction for a regular DS on ebay that I've been looking at, but I was wondering how much of a difference there is between the DS and DS lite. Will it be enough that my youngest will notice that his is not the same as his brother's?

10-10-2006, 03:15 PM
I own a DS lite, but I've played on a DS before the DS lite.
I will try to describe the differences between them.
The DS lite is smaller (but the screens are the same size) and thinner, it had a glossy look while the DS has a metallic look. But the appearance isn't the biggest issue (although your kids will notice that difference the first).
The DS lite's screen is much much much brighter than the DS's screen! Also the viewing angle is bigger, so you can look from the side and still see what's on the screen (very handy if you are trying to show something on the screen to somebody).

What I can tell you about the DS (both DS and DS lite) is that the touch screen scratches easily (screen foil/protectors are needed), but you won't easily break the screen. There are movies on the net of people trying to break it with the stylus and they simply won't break.

Be sure to knit DS socks for them ;)

10-10-2006, 03:43 PM
I guess it's a better idea to just go ahead and get the DS Lite. I would feel bad if the kids could really tell the difference, and if the DS Lite is really much better, then I might as well do that (and cry over the price later).

10-10-2006, 05:37 PM
At least your kids don't want PSPs. OY! Thank goodness I only have one. Kid that is. :-)

10-10-2006, 08:09 PM
I have 2 ds lites.
The biggest thing about it, is don't buy white (I have black and pink now), it marks so easily, my daughter had something pink on her finger, we washed her hands really well, and it still transfered on to the buttons.
I have replaced my white one twice, once for pixels on the screen that went black. And just recently for the cartridge making scratching/grinding noises when you insert and a cracked hinge (never dropped it).
If you have a electronics boutique near you, pay for the extended warrenty, mine was only $15.00 for it and it is worth it, they cover drops even if its on purpose. No questions asked.
Personally, Iam not sure if I would buy a younger child one, the price tag is a little steep, but with the hinges it is very fragile, Its easy to accidently open it to far, Also they don't have a real great selection for games for smaller people.
We bought my daughter (10) princess peach, its fun. And tetris.
I found myself getting fustrated with Super mario ds, and donkey kong vs mario.
Allie wants nintendogs. I also bought brain age and big brain academy (these are fun).
All in all, I like my ds's, I like the fact that you can buy one cartridge and play the game together with both ds's (We have Tetris Wars lol). Go for the screen covers, and if the video game noise bugs you, head sets -they are special so you have to buy a certain kind.

Good luck, hope the kids have fun :)

10-11-2006, 09:07 AM
Emerald, do you think the hinge is more flimsy than the one on the SP?

10-11-2006, 09:44 AM
I have a DS Lite and I'm addicted to Animal Crossing.

For children that age, I wouldn't get anything more expensive than a used GBA. There aren't enough games in that age range to make it worth the money, and by the time they get old enough to appreciate it, something new will be available.

I'd get the GBAs for portability and get one of the new Nintendo Wii systems for the household. They could play together and you'd only need one.

Happy Gaming! :heart: :heart: :heart:

10-11-2006, 10:07 AM
My vote is for the ds lite too. I have one in pink. I also have Princess Peach, it came with the system, and it's fun and easy. I have recently bought Super Mario 64 and there's certainly a learning curve. I'm not sure if very young kids could handle it.

10-11-2006, 10:29 AM
I'm loving Animal Crossing too. I also have brain training and Nintendogs. But AC is my all time favorite!

10-11-2006, 10:46 AM
My son who is now 6 has been playing video games since he was about 2. He started with a game boy color, then a gba (all used, from Goodwill) and we got him a new Game Boy SP for Christmas last year. He's actually really good at games, (he solved Shrek 2 in about 3 days!) so I'm not worried about the selection. My youngest likes the Mario games and he has a Dora game that he plays a lot. They both take really good care of the game boys that they already have, but I am a bit worried if the DS lite is a lot more flimsy than the SP, just because they are young boys. It looks like I'll probably go with the DS lites and get them somewhere that I can get a protection plan for them.

10-11-2006, 11:02 AM
I've had my DS Lite since the week they came out (US) and I play Animal Crossing every day and have had no issues with it. :shrug:

The protection plan sounds like a great idea, since you are getting 2. :thumbsup:

I was able to find my first online Animal Crossing friend here; otherwise, I would have never been able to get the last Nook upgrade. I want Tetris DS, too, but I'm not sure when I'll have time to play. My Brain Training has been neglected for months because of the AC. :blush:

10-11-2006, 12:54 PM
So the Lite is really that much better? I was looking into getting one for myself for Christmas but I'm not sure I should be spending the money on the Lite if I can get a used DS. :thinking: Used means more money for yarn, you know!

10-11-2006, 02:13 PM
I sold my DS to buy my DS Lite, Cate. I think it's worth the extra. :shrug:

The extra screen brightness really makes a difference; it can be adjusted to way more lighting conditions. Plus it has the "hole cover" for when you don't have a GBA game loaded. The stylus is also bigger and more comfortable.

Also, the new power button is designed so that it's much more difficult to turn it off by accident; you have to actually hold it for a couple of seconds. I know that I accidentally turned the DS off when hitting the wrong button a couple of times. And, yes, it was ALWAYS during a critical part of the game. :wall:

Maybe by Christmas there will be used DS Lites. They've been out since August or so. :shrug:

10-11-2006, 05:50 PM
Emerald, do you think the hinge is more flimsy than the one on the SP?

I do think it is, only because the hinge is longer across the back of the ds vs the sp.
I think a SP would be great, they are more durable and you don't have to worry about the touch screen getting scratched.

10-12-2006, 10:54 AM
Emerald, do you think the hinge is more flimsy than the one on the SP?

I do think it is, only because the hinge is longer across the back of the ds vs the sp.
I think a SP would be great, they are more durable and you don't have to worry about the touch screen getting scratched.

I was afraid of that. I really should go with an SP for my youngest, but since Noah wants a DS, and since Noah already has an SP, it would make sense to just pass that down to Caleb, but I think he would feel bad getting a hand-me-down when Noah gets a new one. :shrug:

10-12-2006, 10:57 AM
Get Caleb some cool new games and accessories to go with the SP. :heart: :heart: :heart: