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10-26-2006, 02:52 PM
Well I finished the first baby blanket to go along with the sweater and hat I posted earlier. The only thing hard about this blanket is it gets heavy as you get halfway and for me, it starts to hurt my hands and my shoulders because I try and keep it from stretching too much. I ended up putting it under my armpit to knit the other day when I took it to my dh's doctor appt. I looked like an idiot, but at least it wasn't dragging!

10-26-2006, 02:59 PM
Awwwww, how PRETTY!! I love the colors, its beautiful (and so are the hat and sweater!) I love the ribbon edging, too. Is that the corner to corner pattern? I made one of those for my DD in homespun, cottage red (or some color like that). It is the softest thing!

Great job! :cheering:

10-26-2006, 03:04 PM
Yes, Hilary that is the diagonal blanket pattern that Lion Brand has. It is Homespun Waterfall I think is the color.

10-26-2006, 03:28 PM
Beautiful! :muah:

I love that yarn! I think I have some of it under my desk.. waiting to be used... hehe

10-26-2006, 03:40 PM
Lovely!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
what a lucky baby to have such a nice baby gift!! :notworthy:

mrs desert rain
10-26-2006, 04:01 PM
lovely! i especially like the stars and bows -- a fitting creative touch!

10-26-2006, 04:32 PM
It's adorable; I love it. Great job!

10-26-2006, 05:30 PM
What a beautiful set :cheering: :cheering:

10-26-2006, 06:18 PM
very nice. i love homespun's colorways.

10-26-2006, 06:38 PM
Wow, it is beautiful and looks so soft!

I admire you, I don't know if I'll ever be able to knit a blanket. :notworthy:

10-26-2006, 06:43 PM
That looks like a blanket I've had in my head ever since I learned the Grandma's favorite dischcloth pattern. I love the colors and the ribbon. How did you get the ribbon to go in so nicely?

10-27-2006, 09:33 AM
Beautiful. I'm sure they will be very appreciated.

10-27-2006, 09:58 AM
I want to knit that blanket for my Neice and her baby but I am worried about the stretch of it and it getting out of shape. How does it sit when handled? is it okay? Yours is gorgeous!

the other blanket that I would make is the one with the basket weave look... also easy.

hmm.. decisions decisions.

10-27-2006, 02:37 PM
Cara: I am pretty new to knitting stuff but though the blanket has a lot of stretch, it doesn't seem to lose it shape. Hope that helps with what you are asking.


10-27-2006, 07:20 PM
Oh my, that's beautiful! Lucky baby!!

Pink Dandelion
10-27-2006, 07:24 PM
Gorgeous blanket! I love the colors and the little embelishments on the corners! It looks very cuddly too!

10-30-2006, 03:10 PM
Great job! So pretty.

Phyllis Larson
10-30-2006, 07:17 PM
Nonny, :waving:

:?? What sweater and hat pattern did you use with the diagonal blanket? :??

Thanks for getting back to me. :muah: