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10-29-2006, 10:07 AM
I'm deciding to venture out and try some nicer yarn to knit a gift for a secret Santa friend. This person is fairly trendy, so I wanted to try something a little "different", and I wanted to do a purse with some sort of matching accessory. The problem is I've narrowed it down to two types of yarn I want to use (either Berroco Suede deluxe or Noro Silk Garden) but I've found the perfect accessory in Berroco and the perfect purse in Noro! :wall: I'm leaning a bit more to the Berroco Suede deluxe because I think this would just "fit" this person's personality more and I think this necklace I found REALLY fits this person's style:


So I want to do a purse, but I'm limited to two balls of the Berroco Suede since this costs about $10 a skein - actually probably about 1 1/2 balls since I'll need some to make the necklace.

I'm wanting a simple purse pattern, because I have a feeling this yarn will NOT be an easy knit! Since I haven't been able to find a pattern in my budget specifically designed for this yarn, I've been looking at adapting an existing pattern for a purse designed for worsted weight yarn, but I'm just not sure what "style" of purse would look best with this yarn. I found this pattern:


and I was thinking of adapting this to make a smaller bag (kinda like how I'm doing to make Booga bags using one skein of wool) and possibly making a simple flap rather than one with spirals or ruffles, and maybe just adding a spiral or two for decoration (which should require less yarn as well). And I wouldn't have a lining for the purse - don't have the sewing skills for that! I've also looked at this purse http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring04/PATTsueet.html but something about the finishing just seems a bit too complex for my brain - and I don't really like that purse as much.

Any other purse ideas? Am I in over my head? :rofl:

10-30-2006, 11:08 AM
Would you have enough Suede to do the necklace and the cell phone cozy both? Just leave the fringies off the cell phone cozy, but maybe knit a couple extra of the leaf motifs and attach that to the cozy instead?


They also have the keychains in Suede, but I'm not sure how much that would take as well. Or even do like a mini-necklace but make it a keychain.


There were some small change purses in Suede in their not-free pattern booklets, but you should be able to make something similar without a specific pattern.


like this


Or you might be able to find something at KPC under 'purse'