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10-30-2006, 11:37 PM
Since my hubby and I went to the mountains this past weekend, I wanted to make some thick hats just in case we needed them. I finished them both during our first day, but we never needed them. They are ready when we do, though!

I made them a little too "long". We both look like coneheads now! :teehee:

Jan in CA
10-30-2006, 11:38 PM
I think they look great, but I know what you mean a about coneheads. I just took out the top of a hat to make it shorter. I'm not good at measuring I guess. :teehee:

10-31-2006, 11:45 AM
Love your hats, Sandy :muah:

10-31-2006, 12:28 PM
I thought I had it just right this time, but that "thick and quick" yarn made it difficult to measure.

I cast on 45 stitches, joined in the round, and knit in seed stitch for a couple inches. Then, I continued in stockinette until it was about 9 inches long from the beginning. Then, I did the usual decreases, and closed the top.

I guess I should have started decreases at about 6 or 7 inches.

Jan in CA
10-31-2006, 02:09 PM
I always base my hat height on this:

Continue to work in stockinette until the hat, measured from cast on edge or fold of brim (depending on your design), measures 5 1/2" for child's size, 6" for teen's, 6 1/2" for women's, 7" for men's.

...but it's not foolproof. :teehee: 9 in would be pretty tall based on these measurements.

10-31-2006, 07:17 PM
I needed a hat to wear while running, and for a moment I considered knitting one (I've never knit a hat), but I needed one with earflaps and what not, so the whole idea started to look a bit overwhelming....so I just went to Salvation Army and bought a really warm and thin one for 99 cents. :teehee:

10-31-2006, 10:16 PM
For shame, for shame, Momma_Jo!!! :fingerwag:

(But, I must admit I have done the same thing before!) :teehee: