View Full Version : 3 needle bind off

11-03-2006, 02:14 PM
Whooo, that was fun! First off, I am doing my very first pieced sweater so I didn't look at the finishing directions until both pieces were bound off the needle so I had to go back and take out the bind off and put them on needles. I actually found that using the same size circular needles in a short length worked pretty well to knit the stitches off of, then I took my straight needle and did the knitting and the binding off. It takes some practice though, doesn't it. :frog: I have to say it looks very nice though seamed together.

I do appreciate the ladies yesterday helping me out with my pattern questions so I could get the sleeves finished. My grandson might have a new sweater for Christmas after all!

It is great to have a lot of support from all you expert knitters out there!