View Full Version : Need a good basic sweater pattern for children

11-05-2006, 10:31 PM
I'm new to this board and fairly new to knitting. I have two kids, age 2 and age 6, and I'd like to attempt my first sweater soon. I have a ton of knitting books, with lots of adorable patterns (Zoe Mellor & Lucinda Guy's books are my favorites). I've had no problem finding sweaters I'd like to knit for my two-year-old. Unfortunately, I haven't found much of anything for older children (age 6 and up). What I'd love is a good basic pattern that can be knit in a range of sizes and versions of it in different yarn gauges (so I could use whatever yarn I want). I could then change the colors and some minor details myself. I found a book called "Style Your Own Kids Knits" that I thought would be perfect (wonderful concept), but I didn't understand parts of the patterns and I'm not sure I like the shape of the sweaters (very loose fitting around the shoulders).

Any suggestions? I'd love to find that perfect pattern I can use again and again as my kids grow. Alternatively, if someone could explain to me in simple terms how I could enlarge a pattern I know I love to fit my older child. For example, I love the pattern on page 56 of Lucinda Guys Handknits for Kids book (if anyone has that book - I know it's popular). It only goes up to age 4-5. How would I make it work for 6-7, 7-8, etc. Thanks!!