View Full Version : Bags??? did someone want custom made knitting bags??

11-07-2006, 07:37 PM
So, I'm selling myself here. Before I learned to knit, I was an avid sewing diva. My favorite things to sew were bags. Which is great, because now I have a ton of custom made by me knitting bags, so I thought I would share the joy and see if any of you would like to partake of my joy through buying a custom bag?
I have included pics of my 2 fave patterns to make. the larger one can hold about 15 full skeins of yarn, and the smaller about 6 or so. The small skein of yarn and needles show basic scale.
The fun part is that I have a HUGE STASH of fabric, notions, ribbon, etc. So if you have a particular idea of color, fabric, weight, ribbon, embellishment, pocket, dimension, etc, I can take a pic of what I have (I'm sure i do!) :heart: and email to you. Or, if you have a particular fabric you have found, mail it to me and I will go ahead that way. That's the beauty of custom! :muah:
Obviously, the prices would vary depending on the specs of the bag, but as shown, the large bag with upholstery fabric, basic black lining, and cute little bows by the handles would go for 30$, and the smaller bag with cotton fabric and basic lining no embellishments for $15. I work at a place that has a mail scale so I would only charge cost for shipping via 1st class post unless otherwise requested.
I am flexible on payment options, as I have no paypal account, but prefer a money order or a web gift card. I am a full time working going back to school for masters degree so if you can be flexible on time taken to make (1-2 weeks unless I have a day off :roflhard: ) I can be flexible on everything else.
Please pm me with any questions, and the cat with whiskers on top photo not included :rofl: