View Full Version : OT: NEW Puppy :D

11-08-2006, 12:26 AM
As some of you may know, about a year ago, our family dog passed away - she got let out unknowingly, broke out of the back yard, and when we went to look for her, my mother called her, and as she was crossing the street, a car ran her completely over - no stopping or anything.

Amazingly, my mother found a puppy on a busy road who was scared to death to even get out of the street. She rescued her, and low and behold! She looks remarkably like our dog, Talon, who died last year (almost EXACTLY a year). Being that my birthday is soon, I feel so blessed. In my family, we strongly believe in reincarnation, particularly with one spirit in the dogs we've had. We finally feel whole again after having lost her.

I've included a picture of Talon, and a picture of the new puppy (tentatively called "Artemis") to show how remarkable it really is!

We are astonished and elated
:woot: :heart: