View Full Version : Bamboo Skewers..What a Find at Walmart!!!

11-08-2006, 02:48 AM
I just have to share this with you. I'm so excited!! :c) Last Friday my aunt and I went out to lunch and stopped at lowes. I bought a few dowels to make some DPN's with. I've never done it but have seen the video here for it and I thought I would try it. I was a bit disappointed in their sizes but I did get three different ones. Size 3, 8, 15. So after lowes we go to Wal-Mart across the street and I'm looking around in the knitting section while my aunt got some groceries, she finds me and hands me this bag, I was so surprised when I looked at the bag and my aunt was sitting there beaming at me, she doesn't knit but it always thoughtful of that kind of stuff (especially saving money! lol)...well what she handed me was a bag full of bamboo skewers. One end is already pointed and I turned it over, grabbed my needle gauge out of my purse (I always carry it, just never know!) and it shows it had size 3 and size 6 on the back...and not just a few, were talking like 30 of each....60 possible DPN's for, you will never believe this.... .96....that's right.. 96 cents!!! The size 6 comes in 12 inch and the 3 in 10 inches.

I finally just tonight got around to making some, I used the 6 as I already had a project just waiting for me, 12 inches is a bit long, so I cut them down to about 7 inches, shaped the other end with a knife and sanded them..you do need a larger sand paper and then a really fine one and there is no waste either, the parts I cut off I made 4 different size's of cable needles, and they are absolutely perfect in the lengths I wanted. :c)

I tried them out just a row or two and they seem great. I've only ever used the metal ones so wood of any kind is new, I might go out and get a bit smaller sand paper, the video went down to 400 and I think Wal-Mart's smallest was only 220, but they are still working great so far..

So for anyone out there that needs DPN's at the cheapest possible price (besides free...yea, right..lol), go check out your Wal-Mart, they should be in the grocery section and uber cheap. My brand is called "Captain Quackenbush, the seafood specialist". I would like to say that I noticed 1 skewer did have a sort of flat side to it instead of being all the way around, I saved that one but did grab another that was perfectly round. I still think the other would work, especially with just a bit of sanding, but I'll save it for when I get low...now I just need to find all my patterns for in the round and in only two size's!!! LOL

Happy Knitting!
April in SC