View Full Version : Discouraged, need help with this pattern

11-09-2006, 10:04 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm making this bag

and well first off, after finishing the main part, I realized I somehow
skipped making one of the holes for the strap. Grrrrrrrr

The reason why I'm here is I wish to add the side pocket and here
are the instructions.

With the bottom of the bag facing, attach yarn to the right
hand edge of one side. Working into the top loop of the purl round,
knit up 50 stitches.

Ok, with the bottom of the bag facing me seems straight forward.
However, there is no purl until the top edge of the bag. There is
garter stitch for the bottom of the bag but the bag body is stockingnette.

Attach? Attach how? Is this like picking up stitches?

I don't look through patterns before I start because I alway say to myself
I can't do that! and then don't bother with the pattern. I have to kind
of pretend I can do anything (with the help of this forum) and then
when I get to a point I'm confused, I come running here. I was
rather excited about this project until I found I messed up the hole
and now this. I could just felt the bag as is but I would view that as
a waste of yarn.

My sweater was a flop and I just am a bit discouraged from knitting any

Wow, I'm in a bad mood and talking too much. I'll try and relax while
waiting for help.