View Full Version : OT:Any one from east PA or west NJ here?

11-11-2006, 10:31 PM
We are finally getting out of here! :cheering: We have been working on moving from San Diego County to eastern PA or western NJ for around 1 year and finally we are doing it! :cheering: I have already started packing, dining room and living room knicknacks are packed away. I am stalled for more newspaper so here I am, I was wondering (this may be a dumb question :oops: ) what the weather will be like in this area in about 1 month, will there be snow there yet? We are leaving here around the 15th of December and are planning on maybe a 10 day drive so were are looking at arriving in the area around Xmas or so :shrug: . And of course we really don't have the cold weather clothes yet and I was thinking that I should buy a few things right before we leave. I just hope that it does not take longer as it will be me and hubby, 3 girls from 1 to 5 years, a 75 lb dog and a 20 year old cat!

It may sound weird but I can't wait to get there, I am not a so-cal girl so the few times it rains here I am outside watching it and listening to it. The last time it woke me up it rained so hard and I still went out to the front door to check it out! I am from northern CA (up by Oregon) where for the past few years the average rainfall for the year was 150% of normal!