View Full Version : Idea for Grandma in Nursing Home

11-16-2006, 12:26 AM
I'm making dishcloths for everyone for Christmas gifts. My Grandma was just sent to the nursing home and they don't know if or when she'll ever go back "home." I'd love to make her something simple, but I have no ideas what to do. I made her an afghan for her birthday last month, so that's out of the question. I'm not up for a sweater or anything too hard in such a short time, but I'd like to do something quick and easy to add to her gift like everyone else. (I'm knitting dishcloths in the car while I wait for my son at preschool and when my husband is driving....never while I'm driving....okay, when I get to the stoplight right as it turns red and I know I've got a wait....okay, yeah, in the bank drive through too....But it is plastic needles so they won't kill me if I get stabbed from being rear-ended!)