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11-23-2006, 10:46 AM
Hi all! Well even though I've been knitting now for *counts on fingers*... 9 months or so, and I have yet to do cables. Historically, I never cared for them much, but the more I see pictures of everyone's beautiful cabled FO's here, the more they've grown on me. So I thought I might try some on a pullover for DH. Something not too fussy -- maybe just one wide column down the front or something.

Anyway, my question is... I have this super bulky black yarn that I'd like to use, but I'm wondering if it'd make a good choice. I'm thinking dark colors won't show cables as well as light ones, but since it's chunky (like 3 stiches per inch), it seems like it'd probably wouldn't be too obscured... do any of you cable gurus out there have any input on the matter before I start swatching? I also have the same yarn in a heathery medium brown color, but I'm thinking that the heatheriness would lend itself better to something plainer. I'd really like to finish by Christmas so something that knits up fast would be preferable -- that's why I'm leaning toward super chunky. Thoughts?

TIA for your input! :muah:

Mama Bear
11-23-2006, 01:04 PM
Not a cable guru... but I did some gloves in black with a cable, and while the cable doesn't just jump out, it's still very much there.

Why not do a small swatch a few stitches wider on each side than your cable and see how you like it?

Mama Bear

11-24-2006, 07:05 PM
Hi Jane

Hmm - you got me wondering.

While cables will stand out more from light colours - they do work on black. I mooched around for a cardigan I have (shop bought not hand knitted) where the stitches are quite small. The cables stand out pretty well on that and I know for a fact that they stand out on navy blue (every bloke of my Dad's generation was cursed with having to wear navy blue or grey!)

If the wool is so thick that you're only getting three stitches to the mile, then chances are it WILL stand out nicely. Just do a fairly easy cable pattern to start out with.

Whatever you choose, just enjoy it - it's another skill

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All the Best

Limey :waving: