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11-29-2006, 05:30 PM
So I changed out the cord on my wheel to try the stretch band. Not bad. I thought I had everything together okay. WRONG! I didn't put the little pegs that hold the wheel on all the way. I'm spinning and I hear this noise, then OOPS! The wheel goes a tumbling. Of all the mishaps I've tried to expect, that wasn't one of them! LOL No damage done, all is well, I had a good laugh. :rofl:

11-30-2006, 03:15 AM
No harm done. Can't say I've done that before...but I have done something silly.

Have over a pound of merino which I've never spun before....I'm wondering why it keeps falling apart. I can't seem to get enough twist in it. :hair: I hold it forever before letting the bobbin take the single up. I twist and turn and re-adjust everything. No luck. I give up before ruining my merino.

I grab merino and silk (which is easier for me to spin). As I'm swapping out the bobbins I think to myself *I better use the smaller whorl because I'm going to spin it fine and it will need a lot of twist* :figureditout:

Yup, that's me....spinning on the larger whorl with the merino. :doh:

Needless to say merino has been much easier to spin since then.

11-30-2006, 05:06 AM
it's always something simple