View Full Version : Amethyst Lion Brand Mystery Yarn $1.00 a Skein!

01-23-2007, 09:24 AM
I just found some Lion Brand Mystery Yarn in the color Amethyst on sale for a dollar a skein on the Hancock Fabrics website! (It usually sells for five dollars a skein!) I would buy it myself, but I don't particular care for that color.
Click Here! (http://www.hancockfabrics.com/product/iMainCat/5395/iSubCat/5396/iProductID/29901/29901.html)

They also have Chenille Thick & Quick in a Beige Shade for $1.40
Click Here! (http://www.hancockfabrics.com/product/iMainCat/5395/iSubCat/5396/iProductID/30060/30060.html)

Homespun Baby in White with Lavendar accents for 60 cents a skein.
Click Here! (http://www.hancockfabrics.com/product/iMainCat/5395/iSubCat/5396/iProductID/30198/30198.html)

Lion Brand Babysoft in Spring Green for 60 cents a skein.
Click Here! (http://www.hancockfabrics.com/product/iMainCat/5395/iSubCat/5396/iProductID/30233/30233.html)

Good luck to you all!