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02-09-2007, 07:23 PM
I usually buy yarn from KP or other online stores, and I almost never buy acrylic, but today I was in Walmart and saw Simply Soft in a gorgeous brick red. It has a sheen to it and is so soft, I broke down and bought 6 skeins.

I'm thinking about knitting the Wicked sweater in it, but wondered how this yarn holds up and does it pill? and if it does pill, does it pill a lot?

It feels like it will be comfy next to the skin.....and the color I bought is Autumn Red.

Any info you can give me about this yarn is much appreciated!

And if I put it in my stash and wait a few days, does it count as stash knitting???? :wink: :wink: [/code]

02-09-2007, 07:28 PM
I've never had any problems with it pilling, and it is wonderfully soft.

02-09-2007, 07:31 PM
I was just fondling some of that yarn at Wally World earlier today. It certainly does seem pretty nice. I'm thinking my first attempt at a sweater will be with that yarn.

02-09-2007, 07:35 PM
Oh I love knitting with SS.

I've made tons of hats with it, and so far it hasn't pilled on me. One thing that I recommend though is when you go to dry it, do not put it in the dryer! A few of my hats that I've made with it shrunk.

I have to say that the Autumn Red color way is one of my favorites, and it goes well with the brown, white, and dark sage. :teehee:

Hope that helps!

02-09-2007, 08:48 PM
SS is wonderfully soft, I have never had a pilling problem, and it machine washes and drys for me perfectly. I made my son (who is hard on clothes) a sweater out of it, and he loves it. Even better, it's lasting with NO problems.

02-09-2007, 08:52 PM
I love caron simply.. I made my daughter a shrug and then her Christmas dress out of it.. and then I made my son a matching sweater for Christmas... the colors are really pretty... I also use it to make the slipper socks every gal in our family got a pair for Christmas this year.. :teehee:

02-09-2007, 08:59 PM
:heart: :heart: it!!

02-09-2007, 09:00 PM
I made a gray scarf of SS with pearls knitted in it and the person I gave it too seemed to really like it. I also made the same scarf in white with SS and the pearls. Again, I gave it to a different person and they really seemed to love it.

Funny you mention this yarn because I bought myself one skein of white tonight. I'm going to make that white scarf I really love.

02-09-2007, 09:14 PM

I too love the Caron Simply Soft. And recently I made a cabled scarf with it. It is soooo soft and yummy feeling -- and I have made other items too, and they always turn out really nice. Incidentally, that same color is the one I used for the scarf! I think all of their colors are really nice. Have fun knitting with it!


02-09-2007, 09:23 PM
Cool - thanks for all the feedback! I'm so glad I bought it and I also bought the pattern for Wicked, guess I will put it in the stash for a week, while I finish a few other projects and then I will start on it!

02-09-2007, 10:42 PM
I love SS too and I love the variety of colors (I'm a big fan of lime green and any company that makes lime green yarn gets my vote!!)

02-09-2007, 11:01 PM
I love this yarn! It is affordable, yes, but also really nice! I just finished an Irish Hiking Scarf in Black SS, and it's turned out really pretty, in my opinion. You can see it here:
That Autumn Red SS color you are talking about is lovely, I have 4 skeins of it, and want to get more! I'm thinking of doing a sweater of some sort with it.

02-09-2007, 11:31 PM
Have used it lots with no problems.. one of my favorite acrylics (and they are few ;)

Totally non yarn related but WHO is that gorgeous horse in your avatar? :heart:

02-09-2007, 11:55 PM
Well, he's not mine, unfortunately! He's a gray Arabian stallion and since I have 2 Arabian mares, and haven't found a good enough picture of them to shrink, I thought I'd use that handsome guy!

He is beautiful, isn't he? :lol: :lol:

02-10-2007, 12:45 AM
I also love Caron SS. I've used it many to make baby blankets, for shower gifts, and they are always well recieved.