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02-12-2007, 01:13 AM
Hi All,
Thanks again for so much help with my first sweater. Couldn't have done it without everyone's help.

I have an off-topic question now...

I'm sewing curtains and when joining two pieces it calls for a top stitch which gives option of using nylon "invisible" thread. I have never done a top stitch and wondered if anyone knew of a great web site for sewing beginners. If there is a sister site for sewers just like this amazing web site, that would be great.

Can't figure out if using a regular old stitch or what? Probably overthinking, but having spent a fortune on the fabric, I hate to mess it up and who better to go to for great advice than this board?

Lee Lee

02-12-2007, 10:22 AM
You might try www.patternreview.com. It's one of the better sources that I've found. They have a messageboard with a category for beginners.

02-12-2007, 11:33 AM
Sorry I don't know of any sewing forum sites. I sew a little bit -- mainly quilting, blankets and a few simple curtains......

I think a top stich can be functional and/or decorative, depending on what you using it for. Basically it is just a stitch you are putting on the top of the fabric -- maybe it is holding fabric together (from the bottom side) and maybe it is just a pretty stitch to add some decoration and maybe it does both.

In this case, I sounds like you are joining the 2 fabrics together first, so I would asssume that you then are ironing the seam down/open/flat and stitching from the top-side about a 1/4" from the existing join/seam. I think the purpose might be more funtional and would be to hold the fabric join flat as well as provide some added support. If you use nylon/invisible thread then you wouldn't really notice the added stitches -- I've not used nylon thread but I think it's a little expesive. Depending on your curtain fabric, you could probably just use a matching thread and no-one would notice. I'd also think just a regular straight stitch is what you would use in this case, unless of course you are trying to add some decorative stitching -- in which case you would probably use a pretty contrasting thread and a fancy stitch.

I don't know that the topstich on the curtains is really needed, but I guess that might depend on how long/heavy they are and maybe if you are going to be opening and closing them alot. Also on if the seam you are joining is vertical or horizontal. I've made a couple of simple curtains around the house and not done a top seam on any of them. I often head down to Linen and Things or JcPenny's or wherever and look at curtains similiar to the ones I am making and inspect how they've made them.