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03-02-2007, 05:22 PM
so i have about 800= yrds of blouce yarn, probably a fine gauge yarn.( :shrug: ) i think i will need to strand it with another yarn for more warmth and better elasticity. i also don't have a pattern so i was going to do the following (numbers are just random from an imaginary swatch :eyebrow: )...
knit all in the round
co 30
*k3 p3* untill measures 1.5 inches
k all untill measures 15 from ribbing
*k3 p3* for an aditional 1.5 inches
should measure 18 inches top to bottom
so what on earth are my questions.......here i go :whoosh:
what yarn should i strand with? i was thinking lion brand kitchen cotton (for washability and long wear)
will my 'pattern' work? got a better one? (shes almost 4 btw)
can i just use two strands of the blouce? will it be elastic enough to stay up on her little legs??
:zombie: have i bored you enough? and am i just crazy?


03-02-2007, 07:13 PM
KnitPicks has three new free legwarmer patterns that might help as a guide for you: